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Vida Divina

Exotic combo him & Her

Exotic combo him & Her

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Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is formulated with an exotic blend of Arabica Coffee, Reishi, Tongkat Ali and Ginseng to help support a normal healthy libido when you need it.

  • Enjoyable any time of the day
  • Infused with 210 mg of Reishi
  • Help supports a healthy libido
  • Help supports a healthy lifestyle

20 Individual Sachets per Bag


Gentlemen, are you suffering from a lack of libido? Do you wish you had the energy you did in your twenties? Powered with Tongkat Ali and Horny Goat weed, let Mars help restore the lion in you.

  • Supports prostate health
  • Supports a healthy libido
  • All-Natural alternative
  • Promote energy and stamina

30 Tablets per Bottle



Ladies, are you suffering from a lack of desire? Is intimacy uncomfortable? Enriched with proprietary intimacy formula helps return your normal healthy desires.

  • Supports healthy intimacy for women
  • Reclaim your desires
  • Menopausal support
  • Supports a healthy menstrual cycle

30 Tablets per Bottle

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